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We pride ourselves in many things, and we have created this privacy policy in order to show our firm commitment to our customers and their personal information they submit through this site. Our privacy policy applies to all purchases made through Show Me Tickets. By making a purchase through Show Me Tickets, you agree to, and accept all policies listed and stated below. This policy was revised on November 1, 2004 and is subject to change.

Information Collected

In order for our site to remain functional and bring you our services, we may collect information from you during certain processes of our site. Information we may collect includes contact information (name, telephone, email, phone number, address, etc.), computer information (unique IP Address for security purposes), and financial information (credit and debit card numbers).

Contact Information

We collect contact information in order for us to provide you with the tickets you request from our site. We must collect this information in order to fully process your order and ship tickets to the address you provide. By purchasing through our site you agree that the information you provide is correct and you agree to receive conformation emails from ShowMe Tickets. If we need to contact you regarding an issue with your order, we may attempt to contact you via e-mail.

Computer Information

Computer information is collected to help verify where sales come from in the case of a fraudulent order. Show Me Tickets does not tolerate fraud of any sort and will prosecute to the fullest.

Financial Information

Financial Information is collected to check qualifications, and is used in the purchasing of our tickets. Financial information is not resold and is collected securely through our secure servers. Financial information is also subject to verification and must be completely verified before your order can be fully processed.

Use of Information Collected

The information collected on this site is only used to help us purchase the tickets you requested and verify your information. Our customers are all busy people and we want to help ensure they do not receive unwanted emails or a multitude of emails from any company. That is why we do our best to limit emails sent to you regarding news, contests or discounts applicable to you. And if you do not wish to receive email from us, you can let us know at any time and you will be immediately taken off of our VIP customer list.

Information Collected Other Places

Show Me Tickets provides links to other sites, and links to our site can be found on other sites. We do not control or have any policies over the information collected from other sites coming into our out of Show Me Tickets site.

No refunds, cancellations, or exchanges policy.

Privacy Policy

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